Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Israelis Prefer to Talk with Terrorists


According to the following article:

something like 50% of Israelis would be prepared to talk with Hamas.

Sort of makes me wonder how many people I need to...never mind...before the Israelis would be willing to talk with me.

The first and last reply I ever received to the probably hundreds of communications I have sent to Israel over the past 26 years was from a teacher at the Neve Yerushalayim School for Women, probably between November, 1981 and March, 1982. I was taking a Hebrew class taught by Shalom Shamai at the time and anticipating the outbreak of a war with Lebanon; and I had sent a series of probably three (maybe four) cassette tapes to each of probably 7 Schools of Torah in Jerusalem explaining that the "resurrection" is a Doctrine of Rebirth.

Hers was the only reply I ever received.

I told her that I simply did not have the money to send her "additional tapes"; but I gave her permission to copy the tapes as much as she wanted.

Her name was Shoshanna Emanuel.